32 Channel Solenoid 4G Controller Board

This is a 32 Channel 4G controller board for smart irrigation system with sprinklers. Ready plug and play device with upto 200 configurable programs with different timings.
Connect Sprinkler.

Energy Monitoring Dashboard & IoT Device

Energy Monitoring Dashboard: Gain Real-Time Insights and Control Over Your Energy Usage. Track, Analyze, and Optimize Energy Consumption with our Powerful Dashboard. Make Informed Decisions, Reduce Costs, and Enhance Sustainability Efforts. Harness the Power of Data for Efficient Energy Management.

LoRa - Bluetooth Relay communication device

LoRa-BLE Relay Communication Device: Seamlessly Connect and Control Your Devices Wirelessly. Our Advanced Solution Integrates Long Range (LoRA) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technologies, Enabling Reliable and Efficient Relay Communication. Experience Secure and Scalable Device Connectivity for Smart Homes, Industrial Automation, and IoT Applications. Simplify Remote Control and Monitoring.

Current Leakage Measurement Device

Ensure Electrical Safety and Equipment Integrity. Our High-Precision Device allows for Accurate Detection and Measurement of Current Leakage in Electrical Devices. Identify Potential Faults, Prevent Electrical Hazards, and Ensure Compliance with Safety Standards. Safeguard your Equipment and Maintain Operational Efficiency with our Reliable Current Leakage Measurement Device.