Smart Cities Transforms Urban Areas

Cities are constantly striving to be sustainable, more responsive to events and changes, and safer and healthier for their residents. A smart city aims to achieve these goals using digital, connected technology while addressing challenges such as rapid urbanization, pollution, climate change, and resource constraints. To do so, city officials are examining all the functions they provide—from transportation, energy, healthcare, and street lighting to better educational and cultural spaces.


As utilities businesses experience digital transformation and become connected, they rely heavily on data for activities, including dynamic pricing, managing supply, and the analysis of future needs. The integrity and security of that data are paramount for organizations managing the spectrum of critical infrastructure, including electricity, solar, gas, heat, and water.


Supply chains are increasingly complex, and the need for effective logistics spans every industry. IoT will bring end-to-end visibility, revolutionizing the way businesses transport goods, control inventory and mobile assets, replenish stock, manage the retail experience, and plan and carry out maintenance.

Smart Buildings

People spend 90 percent of their time indoors. At Techpro, we believe that the buildings we inhabit can be made more sustainable, responsive, healthy, and secure for occupants—as well as more profitable for owners—by making them more intelligent.

Smart Homes

Always-on devices are becoming reality for Smart homes, where the home adapts seamlessly around the family living there. These new, enhanced and connected everyday objects, such as smoke detectors, TVs, refrigerators, smart lighting, and heating systems, are now using sensor technology to constantly gather data about the physical world around us.